Who Put That There?

Short walk today. About an hour or so. Park and back. And what do we see?


These hands. I love when kids do this. I can just hear someone saying, “Who put that there?” People upset that children defaced the new sidewalk. But I hope that’s not the case. I hope those who see this embrace it, instead, and smile.

Down the street, a sign of home renovation. Sam thought it said “pet stop.” I had to explain.

“Who put that there?”

And on the other side of the street, a new home being built. A curious place, really. Might be only 2000 square feet. A very long and lean footprint.

“Who put that there?” someone is saying.

The home is far from traditional. It sits directly beside the site of another home construction project,  a very traditional house. I’m sure the owners of that home are mumbling, “Who put that there?” This unusual house clearly blocks a view for the owners of the traditional home.

My take is that this new smaller home will be creative, cool, sustainable, interesting. And Sam and I welcome it to the neighborhood.

Sometimes the question “Who put that there?” seems far too accusatory, doesn’t it? If you change the intonation just slightly, that question becomes a very different one, maybe even a question of welcoming.

And doesn’t that sound so much better?

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