About Walks With Sam

“There was a lust of wandering in his feet that burned to set out for the ends of the earth.” — James Joyce

The beauty of a walk can inspire a life and open you up to the full presence of your day. Ask all the great walkers  — Beethoven, Charles Dickens, Henry David Thoreau, William Wordsworth, Mark Twain. But when you add man’s best friend to the mix, the walk is far more.

Sam (Samantha) is a female Doodle—a mix of a black Poodle and Golden Retriever. She loves chasing tennis balls, gnawing on bones, stealing your socks, and licking peanut butter from a spoon. If she wore a FitBit, she might record 10,000 steps a day. Why? Because Sam loves a good walk. And who doesn’t?

My name is David. I’m a writer, journalist, and broadcaster. My wife and I live outside Chicago. I have always loved a good walk. but when Sam came into our lives and I starting walking her on a regular basis, I realized how enlightening and enriching those little hikes could be simply because she came along. This is how WALKS WITH SAM began, a weekly blog of simple walks that helped Sam’s owner become more mindful.  This is why those walks continue. Like so many others—writers, thinkers, philosophers, and most every dog owner I know—I, too, find joy in the experience of walking. So Sam’s story is also your story and for everyone who has ever taken a good walk.