Closing in. Not closing down.

It’s snowing outside Chicago. Some of it sticking, but not staying long. It’s fleeting. Gray. Chilly. And temporary.

Temporary like autumn. Cold like the November air. And it is close. It’s right . . . over . . .there.

The heavy breath of winter can be felt on the back of the neck, and even Sam is reluctant to go out in it. But, we must.

Covid and now cold. It must not stop us from moving about, living a life, walking the dog. It’s been said that no weather is too much to walk in. It comes down to the appropriate clothes and the appropriate pace. And yes, a good mask. For Covid and for the cold.

November will be a different kind this time, Thanksgiving will have to be creative. But the love of family and friends will rise above it, and rise above the cold. Keeping us warm. Even when the biting air runs through us on our walks.

7 thoughts on “Closing in. Not closing down.

  1. We don’t get the kind of cold you do. On the southern hip of the Olympic Peninsula, what we get is wet. By the truckload. Average annual rainfall measured in feet, not inches. So my good dog Kimber and I put on our rain gear and go out anyway. Otherwise we’d be stuck inside 8 months out of the year. 🙂

    Thank you for this post. Spot on!

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    1. Been to that part of the country. My son lives in Seattle and we headed up to the rain forest up north of there to hike a few years ago. Magnificent. And yes, I noticed several times on my trips to the PNW, no one carries an umbrella. Ever. Rain gear. Good shoes. And travels on. Love it.

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    1. I hear ya. Funny. I was in Seattle last year where my older son lives. Its reputation for rain is a bit overdone, first of all. Yes, it rains, but mostly a drizzle when it does. Marine climate. But what I noticed on that trip and the many before, Seattle folks never carry an umbrella. If you do, you are obviously a tourist. People just wear the correct gear and move forward. No one ever, at least not the real Seattle residents, complains about it, nor does it deter what they have planned. I like that attitude.


  2. It’s slowly cooling off here in WNY too. The trees are just a little past peak color. We’re hoping we’ll get a break from the damp, drizzly rain. Oh look: there’s a bit of sunshine peeking through the gray clouds! Now, count to 10, and there it goes!

    We are very, very tired of covid at the nursing home where I work. I dread to think of all the broken hearts there will be if we’re still on lock-down through Christmas! But we’ll try to keep our hopes up!

    Stay warm!

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    1. Oh my, bless you! Working in a nursing home must be continued anxiety and worry. Stay positive. And thank you for doing that work.


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