Bring Your Pet to the Book Launch

Sam’s book is officially out on September 1, 2020. Come celebrate on Zoom.

In these unusual times, you have to consider unusual ways to launch a book. So, on September 13 at 6:30pm, CT, Sam is having a big Zoom party and broadcasting live on Instagram. We will officially launch Walks with Sam, and we are inviting you and your pet.

Yes, bring the dog, the cat, the goldfish in its bowl. The Zoom experience will hold dozens of us. Invites are out soon and there’s a link below. We are asking for you to RSVP so we can be prepared. We hope to have some giveaways and a short reading from the book. And yes, of course, Sam will have a chance to meet all your pets.

Invites will come in many ways — email, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Or simply get it right HERE.

Walks with Sam has been receiving some great early reviews, and I am honored and thrilled with the buzz. It’s based on a series of walks I took at a time in which I needed some reflective space. My sister had recently died, I had reached a milestone age, and it was time to think about what was next in this big life journey. Sam joined me for these contemplative walks and became my unknowing sage. All was documented in a blog. The blog became a book. The book is now out from Roundfire Books, U.K.



Publishers Weekly:“Berner’s plainspoken manner reveals moments of true enlightenment. Dog lovers and spirtualists will adore this.”

IndiesToday“David W. Berner writes with all the wisdom of a renowned philosopher matched with the down to earth nature that only a dedicated pet owner could possess.”

NetGalley Reviews

—”I haven’t smiled this much at a book in quite a while.”

—”I loved this book!”

—”Absorbing & delightful; it’s like wading into eddies of grace & riding ’em into deep water.”

—”The writing is top-notch, brimming with warmth and full-bodied flavor.”

—”Wistful and bittersweet. Candid, poignant, and thoughtful.”

—”Did I cry as I expected to? Yes. Did I whine to my family to get me a dog? Yes.” 


Join me for the launch of Walks with Sam, Sunday, September 13, 6:30pm.

HERE is your INVITE.

Zoom link will be sent out before the event.

See you then!


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