Who Does Your Pet Look Like?

There is the old adage that many pet owners look like their pets. We’ve all seen photos like the one below of a dog owner and their pooch who appear as if they had shared their images in the mirror before heading out together.

This one was posted, oddly enough, on the Dollar Shave Club website.


Sam does not look like me. She has hair. I don’t. And she doesn’t look like my wife either. Not even close. But, Sam does resemble one famous guitarist. Ronnie Wood has been with The Rolling Stones for many years. He has always had that tuft of hair sticking up from the top of his head, just like Sam.


Who does your pet look like? You? Someone famous? Please share them. You know that dog of yours looks a bit like Brad Pitt. Right?

3 thoughts on “Who Does Your Pet Look Like?

    1. Btw — if you have a photo of an owner and their pet that fits, drop in the URL and I can post it. Unfortunately. WordPress doesn’t allow comments with photos. (JPEGs) But I can get them on.

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