Sam in Isolation #2

Sam has been sheltering, keeping her distance from other dogs as we walk the neighborhood. And no petting. The people we meet on our walks these days stay six feet away, we wave, we smile, and we say hello. But Sam gets no rub on the head from the those we pass by. She misses that.

In time. In time.

Sam is also without a professional cleaning. Groomers are closed. I’ve given her a bath in the downstairs shower, but if you know Doodles, well, they need more than a shower with some soapy suds. They need a real pro to work them clean . It’s that dense hair. And certainly, they need a good stylist to knows how to trim and shape that unruly hair.

But, these are different times.


So, during #StayHome days, my wife has been Sam’s stylist, carefully untangling knots one by one, patiently, while Sam is prone on the hardwood floor. She has been Sam’s barber, cutting away the tangles, the long bangs, and those gnarly spots around her ears. Funny how Sam appears proud of her cleaned-up look, professional or not. “Good job, Mom,” she says. “Good job.”

Sheltering means we all have to make some sacrifices.

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