Sam is Ready for Her Close-Up

My memoir, Walks with Sam: A Man, a Dog, and a Season of Awakening is scheduled for release in late summer of 2020. But the pre-orders are now up and running! The publisher, Roundfire Books, sees a chance to begin the process early, get some pub—as they say—and offer the chance for readers to secure a copy.

So, it’s time.

Sam appears a bit indifferent to the whole thing. She probably would love to be able to read it, but then again, she can’t. And, as she might say, she lived it, so reading it is old news.

Still, she would love for you to read it.

Thirty-one walks in a summer of new beginnings. In the tradition of many literary walkers, I set out on foot hoping to reexamine a life, look back and forward, and most importantly, through the help of Sam, try to find harmony in new beginnings and the uncertainties of the present. In each chapter dedicated to one walk during a summer of hiking, I find that it is this beloved pet that allows me to awaken to a new spirit of mindfulness, finding beauty, wonder, and comfort in the ordinary, and to see a life, a neighborhood, and even a country with brand new eyes.

I hope you might consider the book and share it with others.

Here’s the link to the pre-order: Walks with Sam.


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