Here’s a Treat: The Best Dog Blogs

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My writing friend L.B. Johnson, author of The Book of Barkley, was so kind to read an early manuscript for my forthcoming memoir, Walks with Sam. Her comments became a blurb for the book due out in late summer of 2020 from John Hunt Publishing, UK.

During that process, she also turned me on to her blog, 

And that got me thinking.

It is overwhelming the number blogs out there. Countless ones on simply every subject one can think of and ones you might never imagine. So many hobbies, professions, ideas, opinions. Some of them unique, weird, or goofy.

One blog is dedicated only to photos of things people carry in their pockets. People lug around some strange things in their pants.

There’s another blog by a woman who quit her job and decided just to travel with her husband to wherever his job takes them. She blogs about it. They are all over the world.

There’s a blog dedicated only to David Bowie. All David Bowie all the time. Ziggy Stardust forever.

How about a blog dedicated only to lists? Every kind of list. The top ten…whatever. Strange lists. Movie lists. Sports lists. Lists that make no sense at all, including my favorite post: The Top Ten Famous People Who Never Existed. 

Of course, one of the more popular blog subjects, as you might imagine, focuses human our pets. Cats. Hamsters. Snakes. Pot bellied pigs. But mostly—which is no surprise—dogs. Little. Big. Handsome. Majestic. Scrappy. Every breed you already know and some you never thought existed.

Not all those blogs are good ones. Some content is just not all that interesting or relevant, or new posts are so infrequent that the blog loses its luster rather quickly. The good blog has something that satisfies on a continuing basis.

So, with the help of L.B., I started searching and found some of the coolest, most fun, interesting, humorous, and relevant blogs on living with dogs. Not blogs that push products. Not blogs with tips about care or training. Instead, these blogs are pure love. Photos. Stories. Tales and tails. From “terrierist” terriers to lovable pit bulls to lazy spaniels to travels with an agreeable yet slobbering mutt.

I urge you to check these out. Maybe subscribe. You love your dog? You’ll love these dogs, too.

Sam prefers reading in bright sunlight

Sam’s into it. She has her reading glasses on and she’s pawing through the blogs right now, hoping to find a few new friends.

Army of Four

Travels with Choppy

Downunder Daisy

The Daily Bone

The Adventures of Ranger

Easy Weimaraner

Maisie the Newfie and Company

Small Tales

The LLB Gang

Gardening with Wyatt

Life at Golden Pines

Idaho Pug Ranch: Mabel and Hilda

* * *

Walks with Sam: A Man, a Dog, and a Season of Awakening (John Hunt Publishing, UK) is due out in late summer of 2020.

Cover Photo by Hannah Lim on Unsplash

20 thoughts on “Here’s a Treat: The Best Dog Blogs

  1. As someone who blogs about her own “Sam” and who is also a follower of the ‘pawsome’ The Book of Barkley blog, her post about your book piqued by interest and I’m definitely looking forward to the book. I can only wonder if your walking adventures with your Sam are as heartwarming and smile inducing as those are with my Sam. 😊 All best wishes on the book.


    1. Thank you so much! I’m so intrigued by all these blogs Barkley has turned me onto! You’ll get more info about the book as we get closely to pub day. 🙂

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  2. We are very pleased to meet you! Thank you for mentioning our doggie blog. I think you and your readers will find that we are among a very caring group of bloggers informally known as Blogville, where we share and support each other’s joys and sometimes sadness involved in life with pets. We look forward to reading more from you and Sam!


  3. Hi there! Came over from LB’s bloggie. I’m Ruby. I have my assistant type my bloggie for me, cause my paws are just too big for the keyboard. I likes posting pics of my FABulous self, and maybe some pics of my walkies. Nothing earth shattering, butts I likes meeting new furiends, and I thinks Sam is wonderful!
    Nice to meet you guys!
    Ruby ♥

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  4. I am always looking for new blogs to read , and saw yours on “LBJ at THE BOOK OF BARKLEY.” I was and am pleasantly surprised to see my blog, “Life at Golden Pines” on your list. Thank-you for that! I’ve so enjoyed reading your past-posts, and I look forward to the chance to read your future ones, and get to know you and Sam better!

    (Kim, Life at Golden Pines)

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    1. Wonderful to have you along for the walks with Sam. Look forward to reading more of your posts and seeing you @WalkswithSam often! Thank you!


  5. Thanks for sharing. There’s more wonderful pet blogs on the sidebar of my own blog in addition to these you have shared. They’ve become like family over time (Some of us get together each year in various parts of the country for just some RV camping, hiking, cookouts, and dog fun).

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